Can I keep my fire pit table outside year-round?

  • Generally, yes! The materials that the tables are made from are weather resistant, allowing durability from the elements.  That being said, it is still recommended that you get a corresponding cover for extra added protection to elongate the life of the product.

Can I roast marshmallows on my gas fire table?

  • Yes you can.  However, this appliance is UL listed as decorative gas appliance, not a cooking appliance. Any residue from the food should be cleaned off the germs and burner, as it will clog the burner ports and prevent a proper burn.

What does NG abbreviation mean?

  • NG is an abbreviation for natural gas.

What does LP abbreviation mean?

  • LP is an abbreviation for liquid propane (propane).

How do I know what is included with my fireplace?

  • Please read the description carefully. All of the available options are listed on the product page. All available accessories are listed under the Accessories tab.

How long do LEDs last on an electric fireplaces?

  • The expected life span for LED on an electric fireplace is 20 years.  

Does an electric fireplace require any venting?

  • Electric fireplaces do not require venting, as they use electricity and LED lighting to produce a beautiful fire display. There is not output so no venting is required. 
  • Electric fireplaces are a great addition to any home as they are naturally safe for children and pets, and go great in any home, condo, or apartment.

What is the difference between a vented and vent-free fireplace?

  • A vented fireplace draws air (oxygen) for combustion either from the outside (direct-vent) or inside (b-vent), and then vents the gasses outside, such as through a chimney. A vent-free fireplace draws air from the inside for combustion and is designed to burn clean and efficiently, so there is no need for venting. Please read our Gas Log Buying Guide for a more comprehensive answer.

How long will my propane tank last?

  • The length of time is really a variable of what burner you have. On average, you could expect a 20 LB. Propane tank to last between 6-12 hours running on high.

What is the difference between Millivolt and Electronic ignition systems?

  • The advantage of using a millivolt ignition is that no electrical power (or connection) is needed to light your fire. This design consists of constantly leaving a small flame on (pilot). Another great thing about the millivolt is that since it doesn’t need electricity, the heater can be in areas where no electrical service is readily at hand. Electronic ignition requires a small battery (AA or AAA) or electrical connection with a converter to start the fire. No pilot flame is needed. Read more at the bottom of Gas Log Buying Guide for a more comprehensive answer

What does UL listed mean?

  • “UL is a global independent safety science company with more than a century of expertise innovating safety solutions from the public adoption of electricity to new breakthroughs in sustainability, renewable energy, and nanotechnology. Dedicated to promoting safe living and working environments, UL helps safeguard people, products, and places in important ways, facilitating trade and providing peace of mind.”
  • Essentially for a product to become UL Listed, it must go through several tests and meet high safety standards.

Why are some fireplace add-ons required? Why aren’t the required add-ons reflected in the advertised price?

  • This happens when the manufacturer provides several options to complete a fireplace instead of building a single straightforward model. For example, gas fireplaces often require a firebox, burner system, and gas logs. The firebox would be the base price we advertise, but you’d still need to select a burner system, and gas logs to complete your purchase. These “add-ons” are offered in many different varities and combinations. This causes the cost to vary based on your selections.